Dry Heat Therapy Units

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Cellex Dry Heat Media 10 lb Container
10 lb Container * Cellex dry heat medium is the original medium processed to run efficiently in all ..

Fluidotherapy 110D 34  x 11.5  x 33
34 x 11.5 x 33 * Single extremity unit for treating the hand wrist elbow foot and ankle * Micr..

Fluidotherapy 115D 34  x 18.5  x 33
34 x 18.5 x 33 * Double extremity unit for treating up to two hands or two feet independently or ..

Sleeve for Foot & Hand for Use w/Model 110D
For use with Model #CHAT110D Fluidotherapy Machine..

Thermo Therapy Dry Heat Unit w/10-12 Lbs. Celstim
Thermo-therapy describes a process of granulated or ground cellulose - Celstim - particles being hel..