Visual & Hearing Impaired Aids

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Audio-Kit Hearing Aid Cleaner
For fast easy and effective daily cleaning * Ergonomic easy to use design * Works with all hearing..

Bright Keys Low Vision Keyboard
Low Vision Computer Keyboard * Perfect Computer Keyboard for low vision people and for those who wou..

Digital Talking Alarm Clock
Language: English * Perfect for low vision blind or seniors * Features a large digital readout and ..

Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
Innovative built-in desiccant lining removes damaging daily moisture * Flip-top lid for easy opening..

Hearing Aid Air Blower
Helps keep earmolds and tubing clear from moisture dirt and debris for clear unobstructed sound * ..

Probe Covers For Digital Thermometers Non-Ster Bx/100
PROBE COVERS * Non-Sterile Bx/100 * For use with digital thermometers * Clear plastic and disposable..

Scale Digital Talking  Phoenix
Simply tap the talking scale with your foot to wake it up and the scale will say hello * A few m..

Talking Calculator-Big Button
Easy to use * Clear female voice speaks the individual numbers * Built-in volume control * Features ..

Talking Fever Thermometer
Thermometer * Allows visually impaired and others to monitor their own temperature * Announces when ..

Talking Timer Clock w/Alarm
Talking clock and timer that counts down and up * Both the count-down function of the timer and the ..

Talking Wrist Watch-English Square Face
Language: English * Square face * Talking black watch with matching plastic band * 1/4 inch black ..

Talking Wrist Watch-Spanish Square Face
Language: Spanish * Suare Face* Talking black watch with matching plastic band * 1/4 inch black num..