Flexibility & Rotation Testers

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Acuflex II Trunk Rotation Test
Accurately test flexibility of ankles knees trunk shoulder and neck * Wall mounted indicator is ..

Acuflex III Shoulder Rotation Test
Evalute the flexibility of the shoulder * For Arthritic assessment or Athletic evaluation * Bar is c..

Acuflexð I Modified Sit and Reach Box
Novel Products Acuflex© * Standard sit and reach tests use a reference point and test procedure whic..

Flex-Tester Sit and Reach Flexibility Test Box
All steel construction * Has all the most popular test scales and room to add any scale you prefer i..

PortRod Height Measure Kit

Stadi-O-Meter Growth Measure Wall Unit
Í Made of durable high quality formed steel with a durable finish Í For tall short young old b..